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Holidays at The Egg Drop



Holy cow these guys are seriously amazing!!! To give you an idea of how dedicated they are, they actually showed up to our house on time in the middle of a huge ice storm! We live at the top of a very steep hill and it was covered in nearly a foot of ice. We were extremely surprised when they showed up at our door with fresh milk! They offer a variety of high quality locally produced products. The milk they have is from Schotch dairy, just on the outskirts of Portland, and it is the most delicious milk you can buy. Store bought milk just doesn’t do it for me anymore. You can get it regular, as chocolate milk, and I think they are doing strawberry milk now. During the holidays we got some eggnog. During the spring you can have freshly picked fruit delivered, such as raspberries or blueberries. They also sell baked goods and always have really neat holiday specials. Oh yeah and you can get duck eggs and regular free range eggs from nearby farms. And one of the biggest plus signs to the egg drop is the customer service. You can text the egg drop the day before a delivery and have it updated right away. I cannot say enough good things about them! Seriously, if you’re in their travel radius, give them a try!

Giselle F, Rock Star Mom

“I almost want to tell you not to get this product – once you get fresh eggs you won’t be able to have another. However, fresh eggs delivered to your door by lovely people is just too good to pass up. Order. Get it delivered monthly by Amy. You won’t regret it.”

Amanda E, Raving Fan & Loyal Customer

“It’s almost ridiculous how happy this makes me! Thank you for this service!!”

Denise M, 'almost ridiculously happy customer'

Absolutely excellent service for farm fresh eggs, farm milk and berries galore delivered straight to your door. My kids loved waiting for our delivery and couldn’t wait to snack on the berries. Amy and Brian go beyond for customer service and to make sure you get the very best of the products they offer. Fantastic service!

Lee P, berry-aholic famliy

We love the egg drop! So convenient and great quality! I grew so tired of having to search far and wide for farm fresh local eggs and now we have egg drop! So worth it and not to mention the owners are such gems!

Genieve H, Happy Customer

“Really high-quality local products. It’s like having the best parts of a farmer’s market delivered to your front door. Did I walk in the rain? No. Did I fight the crowds to find the booths I need weekly? No. Did I have change out of my sweatpants? No. I won!”

Jay, At Home in Sweatpants

“I used to drive an hour all the way to Hillsboro for eggs and it’s not worth it to be in traffic for over an hour each way.”

Livia, Loyal Customer
Egg Drop rating from a self-proclaimed “milk connoisseur”?

(5-stars… here’s why)

“What kind of wizardry is afoot?”

That was my first thought when I tried the milk that arrived at my doorstep.

Yeah I’m weird – but stay with me here……more

Dustan “the milk man” Gumaer

“Loving the yolk to white ratio, favorable for baking or just having a great breakfast.”

Patrick, Chef @Illumina Coquina

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