This year is an exceptionally different year. Now I’m not just talking about fruit, I’m talking about life. If Google has led you here in 2021 or later; 2020 was a wowzer of a year through the Global Pandemic of CoVID-19.

Late June and July are a time of year when the backyard BBQ is in full swing. Families are making their way out of town for July 4th events and today we find that we’re trying to avoid going out in public to reduce the pandemic.

The Egg Drop is about farm fresh to your doorstep. We had a Rainier Cherry in the local Portland grocery store and swore it tasted different than we remember. Okay, don’t tattle on us but we hate to buy some fruit without a quick taste in the store. 🤷🏻‍♂️ hey, no-one is perfect 😇.

In the Tualatin Valley, there are a few Rainier Cherry trees so we hunted a few out and picked a couple….still not what we remembered. Okay, forget it let’s find a fresh Hood River Cherry.

WOW, what a difference!!

So why? Why do these little sweet orbs of yum only capture that full yum in the gorge?

The Rainier Cherry was created at Washington State University by cross-breeding Van and Bing Cherries. Named after Mount Rainier, Rainiers are very sweet but have a thin skin that makes them sensitive to temperature, wind, and rain.

Just like any crop (my head goes to the local wine culture) the air, soil, water, and sun all are going to affect how the crop tastes. So I’m content to just face the facts; I’m never going to get that Willamette Valley single-vineyard Pinot Noir taste anywhere else just like the Hood River Rainier Cherry is going to be the pinnacle of the cherries.

Their harvest is an incredibly short season so don’t wait…because before you know it; they’re gone. This fruit defies the saying “good things come to those who wait”. No Sir, not today.

At The Egg Drop the farm picks your cherries right before we deliver them to your doorstep to ensure our customers receive the freshest fruit possible. When these delicious cherries are delivered to your door, we recommend refrigerating them first. This will cool the cherries down and allow them to firm up.  After the cherries are chilled, give them a wash in cool water and enjoy it!

Don’t be shy, order some Rainier Cherries now…..they won’t last forever and when they’re gone, they’re gone.