Hopefully, I’m not the only one this happened to…

You’re stuck at home like everyone else.
You hit your regular shows on NetFlix.
Watch them all.
You got through your “want to watch next list”.
Then it happens…Netflix throws up that teaser preview and the next thing you know the cat is killed by curiosity.
You HAVE to watch…hang on I’ll get the popcorn.

What’s this got to do with farm-fresh food?

Indulge me here, I get to it pretty quick.

What I got sucked into was the Netflix show “Rotten”. A six-part series about horrible things in the food industries in the US.  It starts off with Honey, pretty innocent right?

Specifically, they target imported honey from Asia and the kill the innocense pretty fast.

Why’s Honey from Asia matter?

With the rise of the infamous “CoVID-nineteen-pounds” many people are putting effort into eating better foods and trying to avoid processed goods. Good clean eating.  Not to mention eating movements such as the Whole-30 where you are actively avoid processed foods,  sugars, etc. These clean eaters rely on honey as a sweetener to avoid processed sweeteners.

“Rotten” uncovers The China trade of adding cheap, industrial garbage fillers to the honey that the honey industry refers to as adulterants. From corn syrup to coloring to rice syrup to straight sugar & water.

This is so sad when you think how honey is actually made….another thing I learned when I visited a local honey producer Bee-Licious Honey.

To produce Honey, the honey bee finds the flower, sucks out the nectar, returns to the hive, along with pollen that is carried on its legs. At the hive a worker bee awaits for the honey bee to transfer the nectar to the worker bee in a process that looks like some extreme-bee-kissing. Then the worker bee takes the nectar into the hive to deposit the nectar into the honeycomb.

The Egg Drop’s entire business is about bringing farm fresh to your door. The bee honey making activity is exactly what we’re about.

Let me tell you what is not “Raw Honey”.

What China has done by altering the honey with additives and impurities, is they drove down the price of honey so low that actual honey producers in the US can’t stay in business. Plus us as consumers are not getting what we think we are in that squeezable little bear on the shelf. If you think about the business you’re in; it’s pretty hard to compete when the other guy is selling a fake product.

Maybe I’m being too harsh…either way Honey from China is no longer allowed to be imported into the US.

Well, they CAN import it…but then they have to pay a huge tax. No one wants to pay an exorbitant tariff, that defeats the ENTIRE point of undercutting the market for actual honey with a counterfeit product.

So…what did they do you ask?

They simply ship the honey-like-goo to another country such as Indonesia, change ships, and then bring it into the US.

It’s like a fake-honey lay-over on the way to vacation.

Enough about that….how does this make your life better? Well, let me tell you.

So it’s summer in Oregon and we’re delivering fruit to our customers, It’s what we do.

I was at the farm checking on the berry crops, saw the beehives (apiaries), and I asked about the bees. The farmer says to me, “We use them to pollinate the berries. The beekeepers even can sort out which hives are around which crops and the honey takes on some of that flavor like blackberry or clover”.

OMG…how had I not thought of this before. Mind BLOWN 🤯

Honey from the same plants that make the berries we deliver?? Genius!

We even did an at-home taste test against a bulk produced honey sold with a brand name of a city outside of Seattle 🤔 … and we’ll say we found the local fresh honey to have a more pleasant flavor.

As with every product we sell we stand behind it with our “No Omelette Guarantee”.

The No Omelette Guarantee is our way to say there is no pain or broken eggs in trying The Egg Drop’s service. If you’re not totally satisfied with your eggs, milk, fruit, or other farm product we’ll refund your money; No questions asked. And if you made an Omelette you don’t need to return it.

I reached out to Bee-Licious Honey, to inquire about offering their honey to our customers. We connected, had a great conversation with the owners, and we’re happy to say we will also be exclusively selling their honey and bringing you a raw, locally farmed honey along with your milk, eggs, and fruit.

If you’re not a current Egg Drop Hand-Delivery customer or the timing isn’t right for our service at the moment, we encourage you to buy direct from Bee-Licious Honey’s site and they will ship your Honey directly to you.