One Dozen of our Farm Fresh Duck Eggs delivered to your door.

If you’ve never tried Duck Eggs you should try baking with them if nothing else. Here are some Duck Egg facts

  • People who cannot eat chicken eggs usually due to allergies can often eat duck eggs due to a different protein than chicken eggs
  • Duck eggs stay fresher longer, due to their thicker shell.
  • Duck eggs are richer & creamier
  • Duck eggs are great for baking
    • with more fat and protein combined with less water than a chicken they tend to give a fluffier cake, higher meringue & souffle, plus lighter fluffier breads & cookies
  • Duck Eggs contain about 30% more protein…they’re also about 30% bigger so that may not exactly be rocket science 🤷🏻‍♂️.
  • Duck eggs have more Omega-3 , Vitamins A and D, fatty acids, choline, folate, and iron than a chicken egg

Deliveries are made every Friday: hand-delivered straight to your doorstep.

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Directly from the farm to your doorstep, you’re not going to find farm-fresh this easy or fresher anywhere else. Backed by The Egg Drop’s Satisfaction Guarantee.