2023 UPDATE – Pear crop was incredibly small this year and they are not going to harvest any for sale

If you’ve only eaten fruit from the grocery store you have no idea what you’re missing out on when we talk about Tualatin Valley or Hood River Pears.

When our apples arrive on your doorstep they will be which variety is currently at the best state for harvest. These all come directly from the tree on Thursday to your house but there is a catch!

Well, not a catch as much as the difference between a store pear and one straight from the tree. A Farm Fresh Pear needs to be out on the counter to ripen. 

Depending on the crop we will deliver Bosch, Bartlett, comice, & Moonglow pears.

We sell by the pound in 3, 6, and 15-pound options one-time delivery or weekly. If you must have a certain variety please just ask and know we’ll do our best.