Enjoy our unique, delicious Whole Milk delivered to your door on a regular basis

OHH EEMM GGGGEEE it’s so good!!

Directly from the farm to your doorstep, you’re not going to find farm-fresh this easy or fresher anywhere else.

How fresh is it?

The milk is usually still in the cow on Thursday then it’s in a bottle for your doorstep Friday; Now that’s FRESH MILK!

This milk is delivered in a Half Gallon glass bottle just like all the other milk.

Sign up for a one time or recurring delivery- it’s this simple;

1. Choose your delivery frequency

2. Choose your desired quantity

3. Click add to cart!

Deliveries are made every FRIDAY: hand-delivered straight to your doorstep.


There is a $2 deposit for each bottle, please select the checkbox for the deposit and match the quantity to the number of milks in the order.

Delivering you a delicious product is our top priority.  If conditions would compromise the quality; like say…if we had to leave ice cold milk on an 80° F doorstep, we’ll be unable to leave your goodies.

Please leave a cooler with ice inside it on your doorstep on the morning of your delivery day. If there is no cooler we will knock and if no one is home we re-schedule for the next week.

Return the empty bottles by leaving them on your doorstep on your next delivery date and your deposit will be refunded.

(Please rinse the bottles after use.) Schoch Dairy will inspect, clean, and sanitize returned bottles before they place them back in circulation.

We can’t reuse the plastic cap, so there’s no need to return them.

Also, we don’t accept bottles from other creameries


Have you heard about this milk? Well, let us tell you a bit about it!

Our award-winning milk is whole, just as it comes from the cow on Schoch Dairy Farm. All the milk we sell comes from the cows on Schoch Dairy Farm, unlike larger creameries.

Schoch Dairy Farm bottles it’s milk in reusable, half-gallon clear-glass bottles. Milk in glass bottles tastes better than milk stored in paper or plastic containers.

Schoch Dairy creamery is state-inspected and approved. Schoch Dairy Farm milk is pasteurized, which kills harmful bacteria.

However, it’s not homogenized, so the cream rises to the top of the bottle. You can mix the milk again by shaking the bottle before pouring it. We do not sell raw, unpasteurized milk.

  • Schoch Dairy vat pasteurizes our milk. This is a slow, low-temperature process that allows the full flavor and nutrition of the milk to come through. Then, we chill it quickly, to lock in freshness.
  • Schoch Dairy milk is from their own cows only. They raise their cows, feed them on their pastures, milk them, and process the milk into glass bottles. Our milk goes from our farm to your fridge in one day. Now that’s FRESH!

Directly from the farm to your doorstep, you’re not going to find farm-fresh this easy or fresher anywhere else. Backed by The Egg Drop’s Satisfaction Guarantee.