The perfect caramel apple is a thing of beauty. You have to start with a perfectly grown apple and then the challenge begins; the caramel coating.
Too much caramel and you’re chewing for days. If the caramel is too thin it’s like runny, yuck. Too sticky and it gums up your teeth. Not enough caramel…or worse blotchy caramel 😝. This is a challenge.
SSSOOOO….we found the apple experts to provide our caramel apples. They perfected making them by hand 24 years ago and still make them the very same way.
They have a special way of melting the caramel and then a tried and true way to coat the apple. All of our caramel apples are made by hand, carefully melting and applying the perfect amount of caramel to each apple.
If these do not taste like fall, we don’t know what does!

Discounts for multiple. These are a subscription product that you can cancel anytime….even after just one delivery 😇

available through November 12th