Robust Popping Corn is a premium variety grown by our friends over at Sun Gold Farm in Forest Grove.  This stuff is a game changer! Robust Popping Corn pops into large, fluffy kernels with a satisfying crunch.  Its robust flavor and texture make it the perfect choice for movie night, parties, or satisfying snack.  And GMO Free!
Unlike some other popping corns, Robust Popping Corn is packed with nutrients, making it a healthier snack. It’s also easy to pop on the stovetop, in an air popper, or even in the microwave!
Shaman’s Blue Heirloom Popping Corn:
Perfect for popcorn lovers! This white, fluffy butterfly popcorn has a crunchy texture with a lightly sweet flavor.  The blue color holds higher levels of antioxidants than other varieties.
Robust Yellow Popping Corn:
The flagship of popping corn! This variety pops into a creamy yellow, huge fluffy butterfly kernel. A sweet, nutty flavor complements the slight butter flavor of the corn.  It is a Sun Gold Farm Favorite.
Japanese White Hulless Popping Corn:
This is an older variety of popping corn known for its distinctive nutty flavor and crunchy texture.  The thin hull often pops off the kernel, making your dentist very happy!
1 pound bags $8