Great Local Oregon Companies for your Stockings!

Jams and honey made in Oregon from fresh Oregon products.

3 different flavors available
  • Hollerin Huckleberry (Mild): A Pacific Northwest specialty! We’ve fought the bears off these hard-to-get wild berries and blended them with farmed Habanero peppers
  • Peaches and Scream (Medium): Ripe yummy Peaches blended with farmed Cherry Peppers and Habanero peppers. 
  • Jack’s Blackberry (Mild): Northwest’s finest Blackberries blended with farmed Scotch Bonnet peppers then finished with Jack Daniels. 
12 ounce jars $12.00
Pepper Jellies are great for: 
Pour over cream cheese & serve with crackers
Use as a dip for coconut shrimp, egg rolls or salad rolls
Glaze salmon or meat before cooking
Use as a spread for turkey or ham sandwiches