Great Local Oregon Companies for your Stockings!

Jams and honey made in Oregon from fresh Oregon products.

3 different flavors available
Hollerin Huckleberry (Mild): A Pacific Northwest specialty! We’ve fought the bears off these hard-to-get wild berries and blended them with farmed Habanero peppers
Peaches and Scream (Medium): Ripe yummy Peaches blended with farmed Cherry Peppers and Habanero peppers. 
Jack’s Blackberry (Mild): Northwest’s finest Blackberries blended with farmed Scotch Bonnet peppers then finished with Jack Daniels. 
12 ounce jars $12.00
Pepper Jellies are great for: 
Pour over cream cheese & serve with crackers
Use as a dip for coconut shrimp, egg rolls or salad rolls
Glaze salmon or meat before cooking
Use as a spread for turkey or ham sandwiches
3- 2 ounce jars  $10, together in a package, great for a stocking.
Port Cherry Marmalade
Cranberry, Fig & Merlot Jam
Bluebarb Pinot Noir Jam
Great for:
  • Holiday cheese and charcuterie plates
  • Mix with olive oil & vinegar for a tasty dressing
6 oz jar $10
Our rare fireweed honey comes from the upper elevations of Mount Hood and its flowers emerge through the charred earth after wildfires. It is fondly referred to as the “champagne” of honeys, its a light amber color with a mild delicate taste with buttery notes of vanilla and citrus.